Heineken: The Signal

A signal of hope for football fans


Champions League matches are blockbuster spectacles, best enjoyed with friends.

But still 72% of men in Bulgaria watch them at home. Alone.

It was up to Heineken to save match night.


We decided to create a symbol anyone would recognise. And raise it in the sky above the city before important Champions League games.

Something which would serve as a reminder to football fans, that it’s never too late to go out and save match night.

Heineken: The Signal

Making of The Signal

Creating a light signal in the sky, which would be visible from a distance, was no easy task. We built a large, LED sign in the form of the Champions League logo.

Then, we raised it high above the sky, using a drone and lit the sign with a projector on the ground.

Saving The Match Night

We raised the signal above the city in evenings before important matches.

First, the media picked it up, without knowing who’s behind it.

Then, through social media, Heineken announced that the signal marked the spot to rooftop screenings of crucial Champions League games.

The campaign

Over 400 fans followed the signal to our Champions League lounge. And saved match night for themselves and their friends.

The Signal was presented live on national TV before the UCL Final and semi-final, watched by over 500,000 people.