Front-End Developer

NEXT-DC is looking for a creative and enthusiastic Front-End Developer to join our team

NEXT-DC is a creative agency working on the verge of advertising and information technology.

We are building progressive web applications, complex acquisition platforms, immersive experiences bringing the digital and the analogue world closer together for international clients like Heineken, BMW, MINI, Canon, Jack Daniel’s, FOX International Networks, KFC.

Every project we work on is giving us the opportunity to learn something new, try new technologies and to collaborate with some of the best from various industries around the globe.

Who you are:

You are a Mid- to Senior-level developer with over 5 years of experience.

You have a deep understanding of the browser environment, a thorough knowledge of semantic HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript, and modern JS frameworks, and a passion for building flawless user interfaces and animations.

With almost every project we deploy (online or offline), we push our own boundaries. This is why we count on your ability to learn quickly, be creative in a non-traditional web development environment, break things and move forward. Hands-on experience with frameworks such as Vue.js, ReactJS, Angular, and Bootstrap will help you, and us, a lot.

What will you be doing:

  • Coming up with creative technical solutions to business challenges;
  • Helping with specifications, estimations, and planning;
  • Working with designers and other developers on diverse digital projects;
  • Introducing new technologies, development (and management) best practices;
  • Contributing to open source projects that help you in your work.

To sum up:

You’ll be working on a variety of exciting and innovative projects with a team of talented and enthusiastic people. One thing we can say for sure: your day at work will never be boring.

We're also looking for a Back-end Developer.