Stinky Socks: The World’s at Your Feet

A whiff of freedom during lockdown


The events of 2020 took their toll on all freedom lovers, adventurers, travellers and people who are used to seeking new experiences all the time. However they also affected companies whose philosophy lies on inspiring others to go outside, explore the world and live life to the fullest.


As such a brand, Stinky Socks had to come up with a way to not only create a relevant campaign that can boost their sales, but also promote staying at home as part of their #stayhomestinky initiative.


We offered Stinky’s audience a whiff of freedom by literally bringing the world at their feet. For the purpose we created a limited edition of Stinky Socks which would take people elsewhere by triggering the sense, known to activate the most vivid memories — the sense of smell. Living up to the brand’s name, these pairs were infused with special scents, so that they take people to places iconic for Stinky and their designs — Bear Mountain, Venice Beach or Las Vegas, without anyone having to step outside.

By grabbing a pair of the brand’s Stinkiest socks yet, people could choose their next destination — a trip to the beach with the briny ocean hints of “Venice”, a mountain ride with the earthly pine odor of “Third Eye Co.” or a whiff of Las Vegas with the “Purple” pair.

By creating these special pairs Stinky Socks managed to turn the challenges of the pandemic into an opportunity by offering a whiff of freedom to people when they need it most — during lockdown.


Unpaid PR reach — 60 000 EURO

Unpaid video reach in media — 100 000 views

Sales growth during the campaign: +500% compared to the previous year

Website traffic during the campaign: +1000% compared to the average traffic

Awards & Recognition

IAB MIXX Awards 2021 — Bronze, Digital Sales Campaign