Finlandia: Elements of Finlandia

Discover the principles behind the new bottle


Many people know Finlandia Vodka, but few are familiar with the process behind its taste or with the principles that have inspired its unique design.


We invited people to discover the new bottle of Finlandia by experiencing the main principles of the brand: Nature, Distillation & Design.

Elements of Finlandia was a week long pop-up event, during which people were able to take a visual and sensory trip through the less ordinary world of Finlandia. They could interact with three different installations, one for each of the brand principles.


The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon observed in Finland, part of the logo of the brand. Visitors were able to navigate this phenomenon with an installation, consisting of an amber sphere, connected to an optical sensor and a 360° time lapse video of the Midnight Sun.


A sound and light installation gave those who touched it a new perspective of the new Finlandia bottle, the shape of which is inspired by Finnish flowing ice.


The numerous steps of the distillation process of Finlandia were presented in an interactive installation with projection mappings.

The Space

The “Elements of Finlandia” event took place in an abandoned luxury goods store in the centre of Sofia. It was thematically divided into two levels: an underground space covered with real grass, where the installations were experienced, and a ground floor where visitors could enjoy Finlandia cocktails and live DJ sets.

Promotional Videos

The main principles of Finlandia were also presented in short social media videos with the new bottle.